Big Cat on the Prowl in Paris

Oct 29, 2014

Caterpillar has launched its 56 tonne 836K landfill compactor, the latest update to the 836 series which has been a staple for landfill operators for almost 20 years.  

From Waste to Fuel

Oct 29, 2014

Proper organic waste management remains, despite various technological advances, a significant challenge in many developing nations.

Deriving Waste Incineration

Oct 28, 2014

Because of the heterogeneous composition of waste, the generally very low emissions from Waste Incineration plants (WI-plant) can temporarily peak.

Recycling and the Cloud

Oct 28, 2014

A research paper produced by the UK government's Department of Business Innovation and Skills has identified waste as an area where there is a large potential for smart solutions.


ISWA Waste to Energy State of the Art Report


Dunmow Waste Management Selects New JCB 457 HT Wheel Loader Essex Facility

Dunmow Waste Management Selects New JCB Wheel Loader Essex Facility

Dunmow Waste Management has added a JCB 457 HT Wastemaster wheeled loader to its fleet at its Chelmsford site, which is licenced to handle up to 150,000 tonnes of waste material each year.

Taunton Recycling Facility Benefits from Upgraded Conveyor

Middleton Engineering has fabricated and installed an upgraded conveyor system at Viridor’s Priorswood materials recycling facility in Taunton, Somerset.

Certified Secure SSD Data Wiping Software for E-Waste Recycling Launched

Austin, Texas based data erasure software developer, Tabernus has completed testing of its new Solid State Drive secure data erasure software.

New Recycling Machine to Pulverise and Devulcanize Tyre Waste from Pallmann

Pallmann has launched a new grinding system for recycling of vulcanized rubber waste, such as tyres, back into fine powder for direct reuse in rubber processing.




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