Israeli Hazardous Waste Plasma Treatment Technology Comes to UK

Oct 24, 2014

Cheshire UK based Simdean Envirotec, a manufacturer of technical solutions for difficult odour control and waste elimination problems, is to launch an Israeli developed plasma-based chemical waste elimination system into the UK. 

Japanese Waste to Energy Technology Firm MHI to Upgrade Singapore’s Senoko Plant

Oct 24, 2014

Japanese waste to energy technology manufacturer, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has received an order to modify the Senoko waste to energy plant in the Senoko district of Singapore.  

York University Backs On-Site Waste to Energy Tech for Pharmaceutical Disposal

Oct 24, 2014

PyroPure’s onsite small scale pyrolysis system for hazardous and medical wastes has been given the backing of researchers at the University of York following a six month Innovate UK-funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership project. 

Waste to Energy Firm Everbright Project to Substitute Coal for Biowaste in Rudong, China

Oct 24, 2014

China Everbright has signed an investment agreement for the construction and operation of an agricultural waste and straw utilisation project in Rudong County.  


ISWA Waste to Energy State of the Art Report


Dunmow Waste Management Selects New JCB 457 HT Wheel Loader Essex Facility

Dunmow Waste Management Selects New JCB Wheel Loader Essex Facility

Dunmow Waste Management has added a JCB 457 HT Wastemaster wheeled loader to its fleet at its Chelmsford site, which is licenced to handle up to 150,000 tonnes of waste material each year.

Taunton Recycling Facility Benefits from Upgraded Conveyor

Middleton Engineering has fabricated and installed an upgraded conveyor system at Viridor’s Priorswood materials recycling facility in Taunton, Somerset.

Certified Secure SSD Data Wiping Software for E-Waste Recycling Launched

Austin, Texas based data erasure software developer, Tabernus has completed testing of its new Solid State Drive secure data erasure software.

New Recycling Machine to Pulverise and Devulcanize Tyre Waste from Pallmann

Pallmann has launched a new grinding system for recycling of vulcanized rubber waste, such as tyres, back into fine powder for direct reuse in rubber processing.




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