$60m Landfill Gas to Energy Project Underway at Huge California Landfill

Jan 23, 2015

Construction work has begun on a new $60 million landfill gas to energy project near Irvine, California which is being financed by Caterpillar Financial Services and built and operated by Bowerman Power, a subsidiary of Pennsylvania-based Montauk Energy. 

Executive Order to Increase Recycling, Reuse & Composting & Cut Waste Volumes in Maryland

Jan 16, 2015

The Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley has issued an Executive Order affirming state-wide waste reduction goals and directing the State government to increase recycling, composting and waste diversion. 

Interest Sought for Major Waste to Energy & Recycling PPP in Belgrade, Serbia

Jan 16, 2015

Serbia’s capital city, Belgrade, has issued an Invitation for Expression of Interest in a proposed Public Private Partnership (PPP) to develop waste treatment, recycling, reuse and energy recovery facilities.

The GasBox: Making the Most of Poor Quality LFG

Jan 13, 2015

When the percentage of methane present in the gas produced at disused landfill sites drops below 40% or so traditional gas engines can no longer be used to recover the energy it contains.

Vinyl Reborn--Closing the Circle for PVC Waste

Jan 13, 2015

Following years of fine tuning, the VinyLoop facility in Ferrara, Italy is now successfully recycling difficult to treat PVC waste and selling a virgin like material to end customers – lowering their environmental footprint.

Mapping and Influencing Global Perceptions of Waste to Energy

Jan 12, 2015

When it comes to waste to energy, countries around the world have vastly different attitudes towards its place in dealing with the global waste situation and, as a result, often widely-contrasting levels of success.

Success With Environmental Impact Assessments

Jan 12, 2015

What's the point of an Environmental Impact Assessment? Some might regard it simply as an unavoidable legal obligation. But at best it can play a vital part in good decision making.

Cement Kilns: A Ready Made Waste to Energy Solution?

Jan 12, 2015

Due to the nature of cement production, cement kilns require temperatures of 2000°C in their main burner.

The 'Grate' Debate

Jan 12, 2015

Two contradictory arguments, then? Not unusual for the waste industry, but it does leave the waters somewhat muddy

New York City Bans ‘Not Recyclable’ Single-Use Styrofoam Products

Jan 9, 2015

Following New York City’s Department of Sanitation's determination that expanded polystyrene foam is ‘not recyclable’, single use products such as food packaging will be banned in New York City.