3.8 MW of New Landfill Gas to Energy Capacity for UK

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ENER-G 3.8MW of New Landfill Gas to Energy Capacity for UK

Up to 3.8 MW of electricity will be generated by three UK landfill sites following a partnership between Manchester based renewable energy specialist, ENER-G Natural Power and Hartlepool based Seneca Global Energy.

ENER-G said that for its part it will design, build, finance, operate and maintain three renewable energy facilities at Seneca Global Energy's landfill sites at Blaydon, near Newcastle; Longhill, Hartlepool; and Gilberdyke, Hull.

The company added that the landfill gas generation plants could be operational by March this year, and will generate sufficient electricity to power up to 3800 homes.

Combined the plants are expected to cut annual carbon dioxide equivalent from the sites by a total of 117,264 tonnes, offering a comparable benefit to the carbon sequestered annually by  96,118 acres of pine forest.

According to ENER-G methane gas will be drawn from the sites using a series of wells and then converted into electricity using ENER-G landfill gas generation equipment, designed and manufactured at the company's global headquarters in Salford, Greater Manchester.

The company added that the generating equipment will be housed in small soundproofed enclosures.

The projects will be funded by ENER-G, including operation and maintenance.

Over the past decade the company said that it has designed, built and safely operated more than 100 landfill gas facilities, providing in excess of 160 MW of generation capacity.

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