Waste Management 2012: The Year in Review

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waste management world top 10 news stories for 2012

18 December 2012

Around the world it's been another news packed year for the waste industry. Here at WMW we're uniquely placed to cover the plethora of new facilities, technical developments and regulatory updates taking place across all sectors of the global waste industry.

From the growing interest in sanitary waste management in the developing world to the perceived rise of gasification and other advanced technologies to recover energy from wastes, over the past twelve months we've followed some fascinating stories.

In case you missed them at the time, we've rounded up 2012's ten most popular stories on the WMW website.

1. Waste to Energy for Integrated Waste Management in India
In January a study sponsored by the Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council found that if the Indian waste to energy industry can exhibit self-responsibility in emissions control, it has the potential to establish itself as a major solution to the country's waste.

2. CHO-Power Completes 12 MW Plasma Gasification Facility in France
In July Bordeaux based plasma gasification specialist CHO-Power completed construction work on its 12 MW waste to energy facility in Morcenx - the most powerful of its kind in the world

3. Ten Best Waste Projects in KPMG Top 100 Infrastructure List
Also in July the Edinburgh Food Waste project was named as one of the 10 best waste projects globally in the KPMG Infrastructure 100 - a league table showcasing 100 of the most innovative infrastructure projects from around the world. The waste section was dominated by waste to energy projects. 

4. Gasification & Pyrolysis: the Answer for U.S. Waste Plastics?
A study conducted by RTI International on behalf of the American Chemistry Council's Plastics Division in April showed that emerging new technologies designed to convert waste into fuels or raw materials offer environmental benefits and cost savings over landfill disposal.

5. Microbial Fuel Cell Produces Biogas & Energy from Wastes
In March a team of scientists and businesses in the UK's midlands area showcased a 'Microbial Fuel Cell', developed to help farmers and dairy producers dispose of slurry, and at the same time harvest energy which can be used on site. 

6. U.S. Plasma Gasification Firm Secures Investment
In April Oregon based InEnTec, a developer of a plasma gasification technology to convert household, industrial, and chemical wastes into fuels and other products, secured a strategic investment from Lakeside Energy. The company had previously secured a similar deal in which Waste Management took a significant equity position in it.

7. Apple to Build 5 MW Biogas Fuel Cell at Maiden Data Center
In April Apple filed its plans to build a 5 MW fuel cell project in Maiden, North Carolina that will utilise landfill gas to offset its natural gas use and qualify as a renewable facility. The company has since applied to double the installed capacity of the fuel cells to 10 MW (see WMW story). 

8. Ray of Light for CRT Recycling
In the March/April edition WMW investigated a promising new technology aimed at safely treating the leaded glass contained in the rising tide of Cathode Ray Tubes entering the waste stream globally.

9. Go Ahead for 50 MW Plasma Gasification Facility in Tees Valley
Allentown, Pennsylvania based gas processing technology developer, Air Products announced that it was to commence construction of a 50 MW advanced gasification waste to energy facility in Tees Valley, UK. In the November/December issue WMW took a closer look at the project (see WMW story)

10. VIDEO: Biowaste Gasification Process Produces Urea Based Fertilisers
In January Doral, Florida based agricultural waste biomass to urea fertiliser specialist, BioNitrogen launched its gasification technology for converting biowaste into fertilisers using small, farm based modular facilities, close to the required feedstock.

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