American Biogas Council Welcomes Clean Energy Standard

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American Biogas Council Welcomes Clean Energy Standard06 March 2012

The introduction of the Clean Energy Standard (CES) Act of 2012, that uses a market based approach to encourage a wide variety of power generation technologies including renewable, baseload power from biogas, has been welcomed by the American Biogas Council (ABC).

According to the Council, beginning in 2015, the CES would set a standard for clean energy on the largest utilities.

These utilities will need to sell a percentage of their electricity from clean energy sources, and each year would need to sell a slightly greater amount of clean energy.

The ABC is a non-profit organisation that represents over 140 companies active in the production and use of biogas from organic waste. Its members include anaerobic digester designers, multi-national engine manufacturers, farmers and waste management companies.

The ABC said that since biogas, made from waste like food scraps, wastewater and animal manure creates clean energy, the CES provides a stable, long-term market opportunity for the biogas industry to help utilities to meet the CES goals.

"It will create American jobs in the biogas industry, enhance national security and fuel diversity, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions," the Council said in a statement.

Today, over 2200 sites in the U.S. produce renewable biogas from organic waste, and more than 11,000 future urban and rural sites have been identified to produce biogas, according to the ABC.

Patrick Serfass, executive director of the American Biogas Council summed up: "The Clean Energy Standard recognises the biogas industry's significant role in using local resources to create clean energy from biogas. We thank Senator Bingaman for his determined leadership on clean energy and for introducing this bill."

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