Grinder Boosts Efficiency at New York Organic Waste AD Project

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Garb-el Grinder Boosts Efficiency at New York Organic Waste AD ProjectNew York State Energy Research and Development Authority's water treatment plant
14 February 2012

Garb-el Products, an organic waste technology manufacturer based Lockport, New York, is to participate in a renewable energy pilot project to convert food waste, wastewater sludge, fats, oil and grease into energy by utilising Garb-el's Organic Waste Grinder (OWG).

The project itself was launched by Brooklyn, New York based Anaerobic Digestion (AD) specialist, Spectrum BioEnergy, in partnership with Albany County Sewer District and with financial support from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

According to Garb-el, as part of the pilot project, the sludge from Albany County South Wastewater Treatment Plant and food waste from the neighbouring City of Watervliet and Bimbo Bakeries USA will be ground into a fine slurry before being fed into the main digester of an AD biogas system.

The company added that its OWG will operate on recycled effluent from the digester, making the design of this project a completely closed loop and energy efficient system.

The OWG machines grind and process various organic feedstocks in a hammer-mill, where it is pulverized and reduced in size to pass through a steel filter screen.

The company said that its equipment is utilised in industries including AD, composting, biofuels, wastewater treatment of biosolids and sludge, vermi-composting, commercial waste and agriculture, on projects ranging in processing size from 2 tons (1.8 tonnes) per day to more than 150 tons (136 tonne) per day.

Spectrum president, Ramu Ravipati explained that the company had been looking for a quality, economical grinder to process feedstock at the project, and has increased feeding efficiency of its waste streams since the installation of Garb-el's OWG.

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