China's Largest Landfill Gas Project Powers Up

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GE China's Largest Landfill Gas Project Powers Up24 February 2012

China's largest landfill gas to energy project at the Laogang landfill site is to install seven GE Jenbacher engines, generating up to 10 MW of electricity.

The project is owned by Laogang Renewable Energy - a joint venture formed by Veolia and Shanghai Environment Group and supports the Chinese government's 12th Five-Year Plan, during which China plans to invest more than RMB$260 billion ($41 billion) in the waste treatment industry including waste to energy initiatives by 2015

GE said that seven of its ecomagination-qualified Jenbacher J420 gas engines, will be installed at the site, each combusting 2.7 million cubic meters of methane each year, providing an overall yearly reduction of greenhouse gas of around 18.9 million cubic metres.

Laogang Renewable Energy will sell any excess electricity generated to the grid.

GE also claimed that one of its Jenbacher J420 gas engines running on landfill gas can generate 1.4 MW electricity while saving the emissions of more than 49,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year through methane destruction and displaced grid electricity production.

Chen Hongzhang, general manager, Laogang Renewable Energy commented: "By using GE's gas engines fueled by LFG, we expect to save emissions by over 340,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year, significantly improving the local environment in Shanghai."

The gas engines are scheduled to begin shipping in the second quarter of 2012 with commercial operation expected in December 2012.

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