Single Stream Recycling Proposals for Detroit

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Waste Management Single Stream Recycling Proposals for Detroit11 August 2011

Waste Management of Michigan is planning to bring a single stream recycling facility (SSRF) to the Detroit metropolitan area to process the increasing volumes of recyclable material generated by Waste Management's commercial and residential customers across southeast Michigan.

According to the company, single stream facility eliminates the need for customers to separate recyclable materials prior to collection, since sophisticated material-handling equipment inside the SSRF handles the task.

Tom Horton, vice president of public affairs for Waste Management's Mid-West Group, says that it has been shown that recyclable material volumes increase an average of between 20% and 30% after customers switch to single stream collection.

The proposed facility will use technology such as magnets, screens and optical scanners to separate, sort and process the materials, which will then shipped out for reuse. 

The company says that the facility will give it processing control over a segment of its operations that it has traditionally outsourced. This, say Waste Management, has become increasingly important as demand for commodities of all types has increased, causing the demand for recyclable materials to rise.

"Recycling facilities must consistently produce clean, uniform material to secure long-term contracts at the best rates. By operating our own facility, we can control each stage of the processing cycle and continue to build on our reputation for quality products," explains Denise Gretz, area vice president for Waste Management's Michigan and Ohio Operations.


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