Small Scale Waste Oil to Energy Generator Launched

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Cyclone Power Technologies and its licensee Phoenix Power Group launched a small-scale waste oil power generator at the Power-Gen International 2010 conference in December.

Waste motor oil is a major source of contamination of waterways that can result in the toxic pollution of drinking water. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, waste oil from one oil change can contaminate 1 million gallons (3.8 million litres) of fresh water.

Cyclone and PPG will be accompanied at the Orlando, Fla.-conference by product distributor Clean Burn, a specialist in waste oil furnaces and boilers.

The 'Phoenix 10' prototype, claimed to be the first ever small-scale waste oil power generator, is powered by Cyclone's WHE-25 engine, a compact, scalable waste heat engine.

"We see enormous potential for this product, with forecasted sales in the first two years following our completed beta tests exceeding $20 million," stated Thomas V. Thillen, president of Phoenix Power Group.

The company said it expects its patented, renewable power system to be in limited commercial production in early 2011, and allow thousands of oil change service centres and other waste oil producing locations to recycle their waste motor oil in an environmentally-friendly, and profitable manner by producing up to 10kW of electricity.

"This is a renewable power generator that will match the waste oil disposal requirements of the vast majority of automotive service centres and lube shops throughout the world, and provide them with an immediate revenue producing opportunity." Thillen added.



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