Cory opens new landfill near Bristol, UK

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Cory Environmental has opened a new landfill site at Shortwood near Bristol. The site is licensed to take 200,000 tonnes of waste each year for 10 years - 2 million cubic metres in total.

Shortwood will accept non-hazardous domestic and industrial waste and contaminated soil. It adds to Cory's portfolio of sites in the West of England, which includes a hazardous waste site at Himley in the West Midlands, licensed to accept 127,000 tonnes a year.

Cory now operates a total of eleven landfill sites across the country. Lyme and Wood and Lord St Helens on Merseyside, Himley and Vigo Utopia in the West Midlands, Hempsted and Wingmoor in Gloucestershire, Greatness in Kent and Barling, Bellhouse and Mucking in Essex.

In an internal company re-organisation, from 1 January 08 all these sites, with the exception of Mucking, will be run by Cory Environmental Resource Management, (CERM) based at Cory's Stafford Office. This new division will be headed by Neil Bennett, Chief Operating Officer, CERM.

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